COVID Related Care

Our home care will be focusing on the period of convalescence subsequent to the Covid infection. At this stage it is mostly related to weakness/ loss of physical functionality, secondary infections which can be dealt with in the home environment, assistance with all activities of daily living ( bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, bladder and bowel care , perineal care in the case of incontinence, meal prep, feeding, daily exercise regimes, cognitive stimulation, nutritional support and so forth)

Most clients seeking home care will already have either been treated in hospital during the acute phase OR the client has presented with milder symptoms which do not require Hospitalization.

The clients are always concerned that the agencies are not willing to take on a recently confirmed Covid + client particularly in the quarantine period. We will accept such clients provided:

We require confirmation of the test result and when it was confirmed as well as any other medical diagnosis related to the clients current condition e.g. Auto immune , or immuno-compromised clients, chronic conditions, family members who have been in contact with the client and who may be in contact on an ongoing basis ( partners, children )

We ensure the safety of our clients and staff by means of these safety precausions:


Continuous wearing of face masks and PPE.



Frequent sanitising of all working surfaces with clinically approved sanitising products.


Hand Washing

Frequent hand washing during the course of their duties.


Clothing Changes

Change of clothing when arriving on duty prior to entering the client`s home


Client Monitoring

Close monitoring of clients condition with live WhatsApp reporting to the Clinical Manager for immediate response in the event of medically related emergencies or changes in medical condition




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