Taking Wound Care to the Next Level

– By Sister Janet Allman.

Wound care is an expanding area of our of specialised on-site services. Our highly skilled nursing sisters have proven amazing results by using the latest methods and applications.  They combine conventional and alternative modalities and together with intensive close monitoring, our sisters are able to facilitate client specific wound management from the comfort of their own home.

The use of Ozone Therapy to Accelerate Wound Healing

We recently treated an elderly client with multiple systems atrophy, who in late February had a fall, resulting in injuries to her forehead and a degloving soft-tissue injury to her left shin. An extensive portion of the skin and subcutaneous tissue detached which was very painful and debilitating. Unfortunately the fall occurred on a weekend and the client was only seen by the Doctor on Monday afternoon. By that stage the wound was purulent, and sloughing was evident throughout the wound. (See Photo 1)

Before Ozone Therapy

After Ozone Therapy

The GP who referred this client to us, mentioned that the wound would likely take up to five months to heal.

It measured 10cm in length by 4cm wide. Commencing on 16 February I was initially redressing the wound three times a week and healing was frustratingly slow.  I then applied Ozone therapy at each dressing change,  commencing on 23 February, applying a low concentration to the whole wound area.

At the next dressing change two days later the sloughing on the wound had decreased considerably,  a remarkable rate of healing. We persevered, and with the cooperation of the client she kept the wound dry, using a waterproof sock during showering, and elevated her leg whenever possible.

On 19 February the wound measured 4cm long by 2cm wide with healthy eschar on the upper portion of the wound,  and the inferior aspect of the wound had healed altogether.

On my last visit on the 26th March the wound had healed to a point where no more treatment was required (see Photo 2).  The benefits of the Ozone treatment had enabled us to achieve in 5  weeks what could have taken 5 months!


The Clinical Effects of Ozone Therapy are as follows:.

  1. Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal
    Therapeutic ozone indirectly activates the non-specific defense system as well as components of cellular and humoral immunity.
  2. Anti-inflammatory effect
    Oxidizes the compounds containing double bonds which participate in the development and sustaining of the inflammatory process, regulates metabolic reactions and resolves pH.
  3. Ozone analgesic effect
    Oxidates the products that act on the nerve endings in the damaged tissue and determine the intensity of pain response.
  4. Detoxification effect
    Correction and activation of metabolic processes in the hepatic and renal tissues.
  5. Activation of oxygen-dependent processes
    The increase in the content of free and dissolved blood oxygen plus mitochondrial activation results in ATP synthesis.
  6. Optimization of pro- and anti-oxidant
    The influence on cellular membranes and balancing of the levels of lipid peroxidation products.
  7. Ozone’s haemostatic effect
    High concentrations with external use cause a hyper coagulation effect, while parenteral administration of low concentrations is characterized by a decrease in thrombocytic and coagulative values.
  8. Ozone’s  immunomodulating effect 
    Patients with auto-immune pathology (rheumatoid arthritis, muscular sclerosis, vitiligo, lupus etc)

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