The Management Team

Leading by Example

Tessa O'Grady

Originator and Founder

Originally qualified as an architect, my passion now is building and empowering the staff on all levels. I develop new services and training, with a special interest in empowering family members

Sr Nadine Evert

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager I bring extensive clinical, managerial, holistic therapy, and training experience.  My role is to co-ordinate and monitor the care and clinical teams at Enerjoy

Busie Sibanda

Care Team Manager

I discovered my passion for the elderly during my training at Leeds Mental Health in the UK.  I now care manage our team of carers and nurses on-site ensuring they are meeting the needs of  clients

Sr Janet Allman

Registered Nurse

Being a 5th generation registered nurse, caring for people is my calling. Being psyche trained my gift is one-on-one engagement with the clients, assessments, wound care and implementing care plans.



Maximising the Wellbeing of your Loved One