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Our Training Academy is not exclusive to Enerjoy carers. We welcome outside domestics, carers, nurses and family members wanting to gain new skills, support and motivation.  We offer:

Empower yourself and others with new skills

Family Debriefing & Upskilling Circle

Here family members can spend an afternoon unloading and sharing their burdens in a safe space and receive practical guidance and skills to transform stressful dynamics


Carer & Domestic Debriefing and Upskilling Circle

These morning circles offer domestics, carers and nurses the opportunity to de-stress, unload  and be supported in dealing with challenging issues. This provides practical skills in caring for themselves and for their clients

Emotional Intelligence & Dementia Training

This 3 day program provides an understanding of EQ and Dementia. Communication and stimulation skills enable family members to respond effectively to the challenges.

7 Keys for Unlocking Memory and Preventing Dementia

This wellness training for creating new pathways is based on the latest research in neuro-plasticity, specialised supplements and lifestyle habits to minimise the risk of Dementia.

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