Testimonials from Professionals and Clients

Lynda King

We have been using EnerJoy Home Care for the past three months, for my Mom-In-Law who is 90 and has Dementia!

As a home care service, they have proven to be reliable, with lovely, compassionate nurses, who are punctual and the communication between them and ourselves has been outstanding!

I would highly recommend them!

Dr Sharoni Cohen: General Practitioner – BA (Hons) MBBCh (Johannesburg)

Dear Tessa

Caring for the older patient is both wonderful and potentially challenging. There are often multiple medical diagnoses, as well as emotional and…

social concerns, which need to be addressed. This involves a multidisciplinary approach, of which the home-based care team is a crucial component.

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Enerjoy in the home-based care of a number of older patients, with problems ranging from general frailty to dementia. I have found the Enerjoy team to be highly organised, responsive and reliable, outstandingly caring and truly pleasant to work with.

Care managers oversee the home based carers with a high degree of professional and clinical competence. They are pro-active and quick to anticipate and deal with problems as they arise. I have found both them and the home-based carers to be compassionate and attentive, going out of their way to create a warm, gentle and comfortable environment for the individual. It is clear that a bond of mutual respect and affection tends to develop between the patient and members of the Enerjoy team and that this is conducive to their mutual emotional and physical wellbeing.

I have seldom encountered a group of people so dedicated to the care of older patients and their families. I know that this gives the patient as well as his/her loves ones a good deal of peace of mind. I thank Enerjoy for their involvement and hope that the team goes from strength to strength.

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Michael (Mozambique)

Dear Tessa

Caring for and managing loved ones as they grow older becomes challenging to the best of families. Doing it as an only child, while needing to be abroad for work purposes nearly 200 days a year, makes it…

distressing and very hard for both the aging parent and the child.

That’s where a team like Enerjoy come into the process. They put a blanket of comfort and trust over the situation. Tessa, Janet, Busie and the entire team are remarkable. The care and empathy they show to my mom is saintly! With a professional and supportive environment always delivered with a calm and patient approach, Enerjoy has given a level of dignity to my mother’s golden years that we value.

Many thanks

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Janet Stewart (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Hi Tessa

Sorry this is long overdue, but I just wanted to say that both my Dad and I were very impressed with both Wonder and Wendy.  I unfortunately did not get to meet Wendy but Dad raved about her.  Wonder was…

excellent in all his dealings with Dad and he enjoyed both… his care and company.  He has a gentle way with people and is very attentive.  He certainly made my life very easy as it meant I did not have to worry 24/7 about Dad.

My entire dealings with Enerjoy was nothing but a pleasure and will most certainly recommend your agency to all who need nursing.

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Rod Poole

Dear all at Enerjoy Home Care

I just wish to express my sincere appreciation for the support and care that you all provided to my Mother.

As you are all aware my Mother passed away a couple months ago – however I wanted to convey my thanks for everything that Enerjoy did in giving my Mom the best quality of life she could have in her final years.

And at the same time Enerjoy gave me and my family the peace of mind that Mom was in good care – especially as my sister lives in Australia and I travel overseas an enormous amount. It was also really important for me that Mom could remain in her home where she felt safe and secure.

Thank you for the agility that Enerjoy showed in adapting to the various Covid lock down restrictions and procedures too.

Finally we need to acknowledge the people who provided the daily and nightly care to my Mom – they were all just so special, loving and supportive – we could not have asked for anything more.

Thanks for the good work that you all do in caring for the elderly.

My very best wishes

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Carrie Stephens: Dr P Pincus Nurse (Millpark Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Dear Tessa

I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company’s service. I have had the greatest of pleasure knowing that our patients requiring home care have…

access to Enerjoy.  I have come across many home care companies but I have never experienced the promptness and efficiency from anyone else.

On a personal note, I have noticed that the carers accompanying our patients go the extra mile, take a genuine interest and listen during the doctors consult, going as far as taking notes ie: suggestions from the Doctor as he talks to the patients as well as documenting all our observations that are done. Their passion and love of their work shines through right down to assisting the patient with helping with dressing and taking an active interest in all that the Doctor discusses.

Thank you for your consistent love and care that your wonderful team provide.

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Murray Nossel: Director, Narativ (New York, USA)

Please convey my thanks to all the members of the Enerjoy team for bringing joy, compassion and meaning into my father’s life, and for giving such peace of mind to my mother and to us, his children.

Andrea Stein: Financial Manager (Sandton, South Africa)

I can recommend the Enerjoy team to any families who have a desire to give their parents a life they deserve in their last, lonely years where family is not always around.



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